Who will be the recipients of the 2017 Pagoda Awards?
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What are the Pagoda Awards?

The Pagoda Awards honor Berks Countians who have exceptionally impacted the arts in our community in three categories: Excellence in the Arts, Patron of the Arts, and Community Leadership and Commitment.

Honorees are selected based on the following criteria for each award category:

Excellence in the Arts:  Recognizes  an individual  artist whose personal accomplishments and achievements in his or her artistic discipline exemplify excellence of the arts in Berks County

Patron of the Arts:Recognizes an individual, corporation, or foundation whose philanthropy has helped cultivate and support the arts in Berks County.

Community Leadership and Commitment:  Recognizes an individual whose volunteer leadership efforts champion and promote the arts in Berks County.


Past Recipients

1993 - Gertrude Sternbergh
1994 - Wesley Fisher
1995 - Jack Coggins
1996 - Bruce & Betty Lou McLean
1997 - Elain Bertolet
1998 - Sidney Rothstein
1999 - J. Carl Borelli
2000 - Douglas P. Fisher
2001 - Thomas B. Souders, M.D.
2002 - Sandi McCarthy
2003 - Ed & Carol Butler
2004 - Albert Boscov
2005 - Lois & Irvin Cohen, Al Leader, Gene Burkhart
2006 - Marlin & Regina "Ginger" Miller, Michael Constantine, James Carroll
2007 - Jeffrey Lentz, Carolyn and Jerry Holleran, Will Dexter
2008 - Fredrick Toone Bacon, Angelo DiMaria, James Yocum
2011 - Matthew Daub, William G. Koch, Sr., C. Thomas Work
2012 - Bruce and Ruth Anne Bengtson, Cedric Elmer, David Kline [PHOTOS]
2014 - John Ernesto [EXCERPTS FROM AWARDS]
Pagoda Awards

Updated 1/7/17

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