Art of Jazz

Berks Arts Council hosted the 15th annual Frank Scott Memorial Art Show: The Art of Jazz in 2020. Founded during the 2005 Berks Jazz Fest, The Art of Jazz honors the legendary local jazz musician Frank Scott. The Art of Jazz exhibits annually as a prelude to the Boscov’s Berks Jazz Fest. Submission is open to artwork in all media.


All artwork for the 2020 Frank Scott Memorial Art of Jazz Show is currently secured by Berks Arts Council. Our organization is working with the Goggleworks Center for the arts to reschedule the show upon opening for business. Details on the show and reception will be posted here and communicated with all artists. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Theme: Celebrate Jazz. This is an open theme and is an opportunity for the artist to reflect on what Jazz means as interpreted by visual arts.

Thank you to all of our artists who participated.

First Place: Birdie Zoltan – Keyboard Notions

Second Place: Kyle Atkins – Rhythm in Blue

Third Place: Barry Steely – Color Me Jazzed

Honorable Mentions:

Wendy Fox – Sound Circles

Charles A. Fick, Jr. – Jazz Pizzazz

Berks Arts Council and GoggleWorks reserve the right to photograph accepted artworks for purposes connected with this and future exhibitions. Artists will be asked to sign a release to give permission for photographs of juried art to be taken and used in promotional materials and websites. All reasonable care and security measures will be taken in handling and displaying the works submitted. Artists are responsible for insuring their own works of art. Participating artists understand that Berks Arts Council/GoggleWorks is not responsible for any damage to their work while they are hanging it, while it is on display, or if BAC/GW has to temporarily remove it for whatever reason. Berks Arts Council’s liability insurance only covers loss due to theft, vandalism, or natural elements, such as wind, fire, water or other “acts of god.”