Fast Lane Art – About the Juror

We are pleased to welcome juror, Deb Schlouch, to the 2020 Fast Lane Art Program!

Photo of Deb Schlouch Juror of Fast lane

Deb Schlouch is a self-taught artist who paints, writes, draws, and sews, at times all on the same piece! Her studio is a constant companion, in her heart, on all her journeys and everyday activities with family and friends. It is from this creative heart space where acrylic paints and mediums, watercolor, pens, pencils, markers, needle and thread, all have a hand in creating her paintings, prints, sculptures, sewn pieces, and poetry. Poetry is an extension of her creative process that began when she was a teenager and continues today.


She sees creative living as a daily practice by designing peaceful, inspiring surroundings in her home and office spaces.


Deb has exhibited around the country and her work can be found in public and private collections from coast to coast. Her commissioned work includes paintings, sculptures, poetry, mosaics, coppersmithing and more.


Deb and her husband, Barry, co-founded Schlouch, Inc 36 years ago and today employ 290 amazing, talented people. Their two children, Barry A and Stayce live nearby and grandson, Chase, is a light in their hearts.

Check out her website.